Amamino-sato & Shopping without lunch

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At first we will visit Amamino-sato, "A village of Amami" is the famous place which is touched in nature, culture and life of Amami although it is in the mainland of Kagoshima prefecture. Amami's nature and climate covering its property which is 16000 tsubos. In the outer garden, there are solemn Japanese garden, "Michinoshima Island Garden" which is symbolizing "Michinoshima Amami" and "Amami's style garden", which is full of the southern country emotion including the bougainvillaea cycad, which invite those who watch to the south island.We display all of authentic Oshima pongee which became the pronoun of the Amami culture, also you can see the art museum of Tokiemon Fuji, who dedicated his life to creat "Tokiemon" brand, and the process of manufacture of the Oshima pongee. Fragrance of plants and flowers, the sound of making pongee, and the wind waving on the cheeks. Here, the same tide of time as Amami Oshima is flowing.

Next stop will be Ishibashi memorial park.Towards the end of the Edo Period the Lord of Satsuma brought mason and bridge builder Iwanaga Sangoro from Higo, now Kumamoto Prefecture, to build five stone bridges, known as the Gosekkyo, across the Kotsuki River in Kagoshima. Before returning to the port, you'll visit Tenmonkan for shopping. You'll find Kagoshima's popular souvenirs, confections, shochu and more.There are some popular shops such as 'Shirokuma' shave ice, and Kagoshima Ramen.

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