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On this varied tour we will explore Busan's less traditional attractions to discover the city’s alternative vibe, visiting a village of brightly coloured houses brought to life by Korean artists, walking across a dramatic suspension bridge over the ocean and browsing a picturesque fish market.

Lo que vamos a ver
  • Gamcheon Culture Village
  • Songdo beach and Skywalk
  • Jagalchi fish market

Lo que haremos
  • Our first destination is the picturesque Gamcheon Culture Village, a scenic settlement in the mountains nicknamed the “Machu Pichu of Busan”.
  • We will explore the village accompanied by our knowledgeable guide: once a shanty town occupied by refugees during the Korean war, the settlement was handed over to a group of artists who have given new life to the maze of streets and courtyards to create a vibrant village of brightly coloured and evocative houses, gardens and roofs adorned with sculptures and art installations.
  • Our next stop is Songdo beach, framed by the lush greenery of the mountains and a coastline bordered by pine trees.
  • The natural beauty of the beach is complemented by the Songdo Skywalk, a suspension bridge that curves above the waters like a serpent, inspired by the legend of a young fisherman who fell in love with the daughter of the Dragon King, the God of the Sea.
  • As we walk across the bridge we will experience a unique sensation of being at one with the ocean: the transparent walkway of tempered glass creates the illusion of walking on the water itself, the crashing waves providing a fitting soundtrack to the visual spectacle before us.
  • Our tour ends with a visit to the picturesque Jagalchi fish market, the largest of its kind in South Korean where many of the traders are women. We will stroll through the brightly coloured stalls, breathing in the strong aromas and peering into the simple wooden crates of mackerel, squid and whale meat stacked on the floor.