Best of Nagasaki without lunch-(ALL)

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In this tour, you will enjoy the day in Shimabara Peninsula. At an altitude above 700 meters, Unzen is quite cool throughout the year. Unzen is one of japan`s most highly reputed deluxe resorts and surrounding natural scenery is breathtaking. Unzen Hell ( unzen jigoku in Japanese) is the number one attraction of Unzen. Unzen Hell can easily be located by its high, dense clouds of steam. These springs are highly valued by Japanese even now as according to Buddhist teachings, "If you live in a bad manner, you cannot go to Paradise, but rather you will fall into the Hell of agony." Shimabara castle is very famous as one of the 100 famed castle of Japan and a magnificent castle which faces the Ariake Sea to the east and is located at the foot of Unzen. Old Samurai House Street is known as the house site of Samurai. This famous street is lined with stone walls and a spring water canal running down its center. Three samurai houses have been restored. It is extremely picturesque, and perfect for a great photo shoot. Lucnh will be served in the restaurant in Shimabara Peninsula. Lasty, before arriving the port, you will have time for shopping at shopping center where locals go for everyday shopping.

Lo que haremos

In this tour, you will visit two major sightseeing spot in Nagasaki. First stop will be the Nagasaki Peace Park. Nagasaki Peace Park is built on a low hill to the north of the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast. It was created to represent the wish for world peace and a vow that such a tragic war would never be repeated. The park features the 9.7-meter-high Peace Statue symbolizing the Nagasaki citizens' wish for peace. Sculptor Seibou Kitamura, a Nagasaki native, created this statue as a symbol of the divine love and mercy of Buddha. The raised right hand points to the heavens to signify the threat of atomic weapons while the left arm is raised horizontally to represent the wish for peace. The figure's eyes are lightly closed in prayer for the souls of the atomic bomb victims. Next stop will be Inasayama Observatory. Mt.Inasa is a 333 meter high mountain that offers great views of the Nagasaki`s city center and one of the new three major night views in Japan. The round mountaiontop observatory offers an amazing view that is virtually a 360 degree aerial take on the city and its beautiful surrounding that changes from to season. It takes about five minutes to reach to the top of the mountain through the ropeway. After Inasayama Observatory, you will visit the China town in Nagasaki. Enjoy having the some Chinese food on your own. After that we will stroll the Dejima wharf before arriving the port.

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