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This tour takes in a visit to a fascinating aquarium offering a unique opportunity to admire the marine life of the surrounding waters, a magnificent viewpoint over the city and some retail therapy in the shopping district of Tenmonkan.

Lo que vamos a ver
  • Ishibashi Memorial Park
  • Sego-don Taiga Drama Kan Museum
  • Kagoshima aquarium
  • District of Tenmonkan

Lo que haremos
  • We begin our tour with a visit to Ishibashi Memorial Park, where three of the five stone bridges over the River Kotsuki commissioned by the Lord of Satsuma in the Edo period have been transported and reconstructed. We will walk along the ancient stones and admire the vibrant greenery that surrounds the bridges in their new environment.
  • Our next destination offers us the opportunity to delve further into the public and private life of Saigō Takamori at Sego-don Taiga Drama Kan, a popular tourist attraction and drama museum that explores the life of Kagoshima’s hero in the wake of a television drama series entitled “Sego-don”, featuring set reconstructions and behind-the-scenes footage from the programme.
  • Next we will chart a course for Kagoshima City Aquarium, a popular attraction that offers an insight into the local marine life with themed areas dedicated to Kagoshima bay and the string of islands and miniature archipelagos scattered off Japan's south coast.
  • We will stand enthralled before powerful whale sharks, graceful manta rays and tight shoals of tuna as they swim effortlessly behind immense walls of clear glass, soon finding ourselves immersed in their natural habitat as we walk through a spectacular underwater tunnel.
  • Our tour concludes with a stroll through the shopping district of Tenmonkan, where we will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs or perhaps sample some local street food such as the shirokuma polar bear ice drink or traditional Kagoshima ramen.

Qué hay que saber

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