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A tour of discovery in the vibrant city of Nobeoka, visiting the ruins of its ancient castle, climbing to the summit of Mount Atago to enjoy a spectacular view, sampling an exquisite lunch of local delicacies from the quiet corner of a restaurant and finally stopping at a local souvenir shop to buy a keepsake of this memorable day.

Lo que vamos a ver
  • City of Nobeoka
  • Ruins of Nobeoka castle
  • Mount Atago viewpoint
  • Japanese lunch
  • Souvenir shopping

Lo que haremos
  • We will journey north to reach the city of Nobeoka, a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity where the historic monuments and spectacular natural landscapes coexist with a state-of-the-art industrial quarter renowned for its cutting edge technologies. Our first destination is the ruined castle of Nobeoka constructed in 1603. We will admire its remaining fortifications, taking in its iconic bell tower and the unusual defensive bastion designed to collapse on invading armies upon the removal of a single brick.
  • The castle is surrounded by Shiroyama park, a peaceful natural environment where we can stroll among the foliage and absorb its calm tranquillity.
  • Our next stop is the viewpoint from Mount Atago, a high plateau that rises above the buildings in the very centre of the city, offering a spectacular view of Nobeoka and the ocean beyond.
  • Having worked up an appetite, we will pause to enjoy an exquisite restaurant lunch and drink a toast to the beautiful heritage of our host country.
  • After lunch, before returning to the ship, we will make a visit to a souvenir shop where we can buy gifts or keepsakes to take home.

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